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Concorde International School hopes to mould every child into the best version of themselves. We understand that every child is special and deserves an opportunity to follow their own path.
At Concorde International School, we are dedicated to providing all-round education for holistic development of every student. As Yeats once famously remarked, Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. This is the core of our ideology. The nation needs young minds that can create wonders and solve problems. It needs sporting legends and musical geniuses just as much as it needs confident lawyers and knowledgeable scientists.

This is where they grow and realise their dreams. This is where children from all backgrounds unite to spur a massive change in the societal, educational, and political paradigm of India. This is Concorde International School.


There is no greater responsibility than the responsibility of a teacher tasked with nurturing delicate young minds. Kindergarten is where children build a majority of their worldly perceptions. 

At Concorde International School, we provide a fun-filled experience along with activities that positively impact the mental growth of children. Imparting the right values while still maintaining a relatively pleasant atmosphere is crucial. Our trained faculty is zealously devoted to providing this environment to every child.

Primary and Secondary School

Juxtaposed to the curricular and co- curricular activities, tests and exams are conducted to establish academic vigour. Pre-midterm, midterm and post-midterm exams are conducted to equip the child to pass with flying colors in their final exam. Along with this, monthly tests are conducted to keep a constant check on students’ academic performance.
Academics form the crux of the High School tenure as the academic development is articulated as a major challenge for all disciplinary oriented courses.
Counselling Sessions are conducted by the Principal for both the staff and the pupil giving guidance on personal, social and psychological issues as and when needed.
Overall, Concorde no longer sells a dream, It inspires and perpetuates an entire life style. To conclude, Concorde stands for quality, excellence and innovation. It’s a design for senses.
When it comes to School, people can trust us……


Concorde Commerce College

We maintain the same quality standards for Concorde Commerce College as we do for our school. The staff are qualified and competent enough to teach at the pre-university level. 

Concorde Commerce College offers the EBAC (Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science) course. 

Learning is not a process limited only to school and college, nor does it end with the conclusion of one’s career. Concorde International school is oriented to the total formation of a child and to adaptation of various methods suiting the dynamics of changing world in order to achieve common goals and objective. It is further characterised by shared vision – responsibility, care, critical analysis and embracement of technology. In addition to all these, children become truly educated and disciplined in our school. Teachers ensure that children have ample enriching experiences. Surprisingly, these experiences develop our children to be creative and imaginary and lead to something that is often thought to be more important than knowledge. Creativity and imagination make children grow up to be productive adults who then emerge as citizens of the world ready to make their own great contribution to mankind. The thirst for knowledge is not restricted to the child. It is also essential for a parent and a teacher to keep adding to their own knowledge bank by keeping their eyes and ears open to the outer world. Technology transforms the learning experience. The transition to digital within education is a leading raft of new exciting opportunities for education. Students have access to an incredible amount of new knowledge. So in Concorde International School, we give utmost opportunity to a child to incorporate with modern technology. We are proud to provide all the possible academic opportunities to our students with strong core academic programs as well as outstanding elective programs. In addition to our strong academic programs, we also have athletic programs, coaching camps, foreign collaborated courses, life skill enrichment with a tradition of success and a fine and performing arts program that is second to none. — Mrs. Shyla Devasia, Principal of Concorde International School

Dear Parents and International Partners,

Welcome to Concorde International School (CIS) and I’m glad to have you as a member of the Concorde family which is a warm, energetic and progressive group. I am pleased to serve as the administrator at CIS and look forward to having a very open and productive relationship with each student, parent, staff and international partner. It is our belief that a student’s success starts with a well-developed partnership between our school, our families and our community.I hail from and represent a family of educators, who have always held learning in the highest regards and I bring the same sentiment and drive to CIS. I believe that the enthusiasm for learning is contagious, and if we model it for our students they will follow. Our students deserve the best. We are dedicated to the academic achievement of every scholar by providing technologically integrated lessons,dynamic sports program, and an awesome fine arts program. Our qualified and dedicated staff are devoted to nurturing talents and potentials of students, with the sole objective of sculpting well-rounded individuals who can dream up a better world to live in.

‘Excellence’ is a quality that we hold in high esteem. Our International Programs are designed to take learning beyond the text book and challenge scholars in a way that they succeed and become meritorious. We are partnered with British Council (UK), Level Up Village (Boston) and Dear You (Finland) that provide the
needed platform to catapult our students into the global scenario.

I welcome all our students to an exciting and eventful year ahead and sincerely endeavor to make every student proud of their achievements and prepare them
adequately for the larger game of life.

Leena Pascal, Administrator, Concorde International School.



Concorde International School follows the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education in India.
The system is focused on giving children a holistic and balanced system of learning. The philosophies of our school are in line with the ideals of the CBSE board. We are dedicated to improving the academic standards of our students while keeping them interested and completely free of stress.



The school is immensely concerned about differently-abled children. At Concorde International School, we are dedicated to ensuring that no child ever feels left out. Our remedial classes attempt to solve this problem using varied methods to communicate with students who need additional support. We believe it is every child’s right to reach for the stars regardless of the obstacles in their path. 

Our special classes have enjoyed amazing support from the staff, parents, and students. We plan to keep expanding this sector and encompass more students who are struggling to cope up with their peers due to various issues.

Concorde International School stresses on the importance of giving students the exposure they need to people from various countries. We realise that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected and there is a striking requirement for every student to understand the essence of communicating and interacting with individuals from different cultures across the planet.
We conduct various international activities to broaden the horizon for students and bring in a sense of inclusiveness and open-mindedness amongst them.

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