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With the innumerable blessings that technology has bestowed upon the students of the 21st Century, the pressure to compete and perform at the highest level came with the breakthroughs. It is tragic to see that many schools in India are still caught in the cycle of exams, results, and a rigorously structured system that attempts to squeeze marks and grades out of children. This has a disastrous effect on the child’s mental health and fortitude. By pushing students who perform badly into a spiralling abyss, critical thinking and creativity are bound to be undermined.

At Concorde International School, we are trying to mould students into great human beings, not just doctors or engineers. The school was established in Mandya in 2006 by the Concorde Education Society with the sole aim of providing top-notch ‘360-degree’ education to all our students. The management team of Concorde International School takes great pleasure in not only planting the seeds of change, but watching them grow in the form of powerful young minds with a burning desire to change the nation.

Our Events

Concorde International School is dedicated to nurturing young minds through a vast array of cultural activities and fascinating events. 

We take great pride in our rich teaching culture that has been successful in helping children understand the true meaning of diversity.


My school is a tension free school. It allows me to enjoy different aspects of life on play and learn basis. I am enjoying my last days of schooling in Concorde and of course yes, it is my most fascinating journey of life.

- Sri Nidhi

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I am proud to be a Concordite as my school has offered me the core foundation of my life from which I derive the maximum strength and morality to achieve loftier goal and objectives in life.

- Prarthana M P

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Concordites have visual learning opportunities from NextEducation & we also get to learn outside the classroom with educational field trips like interschool competition, NCSE, Olympiad along with global exposure via international projects like British Council, Level UP and DearME that inspire us to dream big.

- Pratipade

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Dr. Gururaj Karajagi's Thougts

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi is an accomplished scientist and visionary who holds a doctoral degree in Chemistry from the esteemed Karnataka University. He has published over 22 research papers in various reputed journals. He is also a well-known columnist who has authored more than 1500 columns. He is extended his influence to the boards of a few medical and government bodies as well.  

As a member of the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga, he has successfully brought 86 schools under the ‘Academy for Creative Teaching.’ He is a passionate crusader for better education that is geared to reach more students. 

He has always been a guiding light for our institution. 

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